Hello, I’m HEctor NANDEZ!

Raised in the Heart of Queens, I am a forward thinker who vows to fight ugly interfaces and confusing user experiences. For over four years, I have gladly poured all my super conscious energy in advocating for my User. I design so my customers never has to think and can effortlessly get what they need. I enjoy working in teams, especially if we are feeding the homeless.


My fascination for designing user experiences through digital strategy started ten years ago while I was serving my country as a Medical assistant.  During a special project, I helped work on a Dental scheduling software system called Dencas. When the software was finally launched I witnessed our dental offices increase in productivity and morale by over 40%. It was then that I realized the power of great design.


Three years later, I am Honorably Discharged, on my way to finishing college and soon discovering my destiny in the digital world. It all began in my freshman year when I started working for a start-up called UClass.org, a now multi-million dollar company, where teachers collaborate and effectively reach their  K - 8th grade students through a SaaS platform similar to Blackboard for college students. It was then that I fell in love with all things digital.


 Not too long after, I started my own creative agency during Junior year of College. I had out together a holistic digital strategy agency where we did all digital work in house; from digital marketing to web development. It was then when I discoverd User Experience Design and became engulfed in its tenets. 


In the summer of 2015, I committed to the field of User Experience and enrolled in the the General Assembly’s UXDI 12 week Immersive. I wasn't prepared for the amount of mental pain I was about to under take from this challenging program and neither did I imagine I would make so many life long friends at graduation! I immediately started working for a  



UXDI 12 WK Immersive

General Assembly​


                                         Here are some pictures from this wonderful and challenging experience. 









worked hard 

  played hard 

and after graduation



from, Mi UXDI familia.

 here are some nice things people

had to say about me  

After Hours you can find me...

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catch me...









City Harvest



the Queen's

Botanical Garden




playing at a

pool Tournament

Thank you for

allowing me to

share some of

my life.


hope you

enjoy your day!



See you maybe!

high end clothing company called Savile Row Society. Our critical user-centered methodologies led to impactful problem solving strategies, which facilitated the check out process and improves sales with in that year by over half a million dollars. I haven't looked back since and never will. I am driven by my passion for improving digital experiences.

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